We are doing everything we can to combat modern slavery and labour exploitation.

Video: VGC group services director Ciara Pryce talks about how VGC is tackling the issue of modern slavery in the UK construction industry.

It might not be obvious that someone is a victim of modern slavery.

Please keep your eyes and ears open, and look out for the following indications:

Physical appearance

  • Malnourished, dirty, injuries
  • Limited clothing

Body language

  • Frightened, withdrawn, confused
  • Afraid to talk, avoids eye contact, rejects help


  • Rarely left alone; someone speaks on their behalf
  • Look to someone else before answering any questions

Support network

  • Accompanied to and from work
  • Someone else answers their phone; speaks for them; holds their ID
  • Reluctant to seek help

Work environment

  • Limited food or personal possessions
  • Does not mix with others

There are other signs that something is wrong, and people won’t show all these indicators. But bear these in mind and if you think something isn’t quite right, please don’t ignore it.

If you have any concerns about modern slavery, for example if you are working with someone you think could be the victim of modern slavery, please report it.

You can report it to VGC in confidence:

Or you can also report it directly:

Do not try to deal with the situation yourself.

If there is immediate danger call the police on 999.

Modern slavery is completely against everything we stand for at VGC. We are ethical and we look after each other. See our modern slavery policy for more information.