Please fill in your request for annual leave below.

Note: we cannot guarantee that your request will be granted. We always do our best to allow you the holiday you want, but sometimes that isn’t possible.

It isn’t possible for everyone to go away at the same time, because we need to keep our projects going.

Remember if you travel to another country, and need to quarantine when you return to the UK, any self-isolation period must taken as annual leave.

Click here to go to the government website for the latest rules on overseas travel and quarantine restrictions.

So when you request holiday, make sure you allow enough time for your holiday away plus the self-isolation period after you get back to the UK.

Before you use this form:

  • Please be aware that we can’t always approve all the leave you have asked for.
  • Do not pay for a holiday unless your labour manager has approved your request!
  • If you usually work weekends, please make it clear which days you will be away.
  • You may not take more than two weeks’ leave at a time without special permission.

If you have any questions, please talk to your labour manager.

Leave request form

  • If you don't know your works number, please say what project you are working on.
  • First date of absence
  • Last date of absence
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    0.5 = half a day 1.0 = 1 full day
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    (That's the last day you will *not* be at work.)
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  • If you usually work at weekends, please tick - so your labour manager checks the start and end of your holiday booking. If you don't normally work at weekends, just leave the boxes blank.
  • You will receive your holiday pay on the Friday after you've taken leave, the same as your usual weekly wage payments. If you have any questions please contact your VGC labour manager or supervisor.
  • If you're staying in Britain, just put 'UK'; otherwise, please let us know which countries you will visit. Then if quarantine rules change, we will know who may be affected.
  • Click on the arrow to choose from the drop down menu.


If you are unable to use the online form above, you can click here to go to the forms page where you can download the form as a Word document or pdf. Please fill it in and give it to your manager.