http://Sean%20Fitzpatrick “Over the years, VGC has grown into a company that makes a substantial contribution to the UK construction industry. We should all be very proud of what we have achieved in creating a strong, cohesive and forward looking organisation.”

Sean Fitzpatrick, executive chairman

http://Laurence%20Mckidd “Our senior team combines a vast wealth of experience with a real optimism for the future. We bring together a wide range of perspectives, skills and expertise around a common vision for VGC and the construction industry. We passionately believe that by developing people‚Äôs talents and harnessing their creativity we will provide and secure a rewarding future for us all.”

Laurence Mckidd, chief executive officer

Executive team


Ciara Pryce

Chief operating officer


Chris Ryan

Managing director - VGC Labour Solutions


Jacques Kriel

Managing director - VGC Projects


Stephen Burns

Client engagement director

Non-executive directors


Andy Rogers

Non-executive director


Bob Webb

Non-executive director


Terry Dutton-Wells

Non-executive director