VGC Academy logoThe VGC Academy helps staff to achieve their potential.

It helps staff to grow their careers, and be the best they can be. You can create your own tailored development plans, and work toward your career goals. All the opportunities we offer at VGC are accessible to everyone.

The programme will help you to achieve career and personal success.

All VGC employees benefit from the core and intermediate development programmes. These are followed by a management and leadership programme for anyone who already fills a senior position, or who has such a position in their sights.

VGC Academy approach to learning and development makes sure that every employee can:

  • have meaningful conversations about their careers
  • access learning opportunities that will help them to progress
  • get constructive feedback on their job performance.

People who take part in the leadership and management modules will become the managers and leaders of the future.

VGC staff taking part VGC Academy
VGC staff taking part in the core foundation module

“At VGC, we aim to give all of our people the support they need to achieve their potential, whatever their role and wherever they started their VGC journey,” said group services director Ciara Pryce. “Working with learning and development specialists, our HR department created the VGC behavioural competency framework, which has been carefully designed to reflect our values and be relevant for everyone.

“It focuses on positive, values-led behaviours that transfer across all areas of our work, and enable people to plan their goals, work well together and deliver results.”

VGC values

VGC is defined by our values, by the things we believe are important; these behaviours are the practical application of those values.

Twelve key behaviours

The 12 behaviours set out in the framework reinforce our company values. The behaviours include

  • innovation
  • adaptability
  • tenacity
  • resilience
  • client focus
  • team work
  • diplomatic sensitivity.

VGC values competencies and behavioursAfter setting out these core behaviours, we worked with a learning and development specialist to create a programme to reinforce and enhance these behaviours across the company.

Our behaviour-based safety programme includes our key influencers and a workforce leaders’ course. As well as health and safety, it covers

  • fairness, inclusion and respect (FIR)
  • mental health
  • wellbeing
  • modern slavery.

In autumn 2020 we gained a CITB grant to support our leadership and management development programme.

VGC Academy structure
All learning and development sits under the VGC Academy umbrella. Staff can access technical training, apprenticeships, our behavioural safety programme, our ICE-approved graduate scheme, and our competency development programme.