We provide people and deliver projects to the construction and rail industries. Our divisions operate in all types of civil engineering environments, including roads and bridges, airports, nuclear facilities, utilities, and mainline and underground rail.

We are one of the largest labour and staff suppliers to the UK’s construction and rail companies, and we also undertake rail and construction contracts.

VGC is all about people – our own and the many clients that we support. Equality, diversity and inclusion, and strategic investment in the skills development of our people, are intrinsic to our corporate social responsibility.

Our strong and rewarding relationships with our many prestigious clients across the rail and construction industries are founded on ensuring our clients achieve their own objectives.

Health, safety, quality and environment

VGC staff at Crossrail Whitechapel

Our commitment to health and safety throughout the organisation shows how highly we value our staff. The MD’s open-door policy invites anyone to discuss any concern, however small, at any time.

We work hard to support sustainability in what we do. We use local waste management facilities, and we recruit local people to encourage community engagement and minimise commuting.

Doing the best possible quality work is part of our culture. We call it ‘outperformance‘: performing over and above our competitors and exceeding our clients’ expectations.