Video: managing director Laurence Mckidd talks about VGC's two core priorities - safety and respect
Video: managing director Laurence Mckidd talks about VGC’s two core priorities – safety and respect

Our core values and characteristics are fundamental to who we are.

Our core values:

  • delivering best quality
  • having everyone go home safely every day
  • respect for our employees and our clients
  • sustainability.

We have a ‘family values’ approach to how we do business. It is part of our heritage, and encourages respect, trust and openness among staff. Highly regarded by our customers, its characteristics are:

  • integrity and fairness in all that we do
  • a dedication to deliver a good result
  • clear accountability for our actions.

How we do business

Our mission statement is:

We are dedicated to delivering high-quality, cost-effective solutions for our clients, and to building long-lasting partnerships with them.

Our policies can be found in the staff section of this website.

Doing the best possible quality work is part of our culture, described as ‘outperformance‘: performing over and above our competitors and exceeding our clients’ expectations.

We are committed to equality, diversity and inclusion, and also to fairness, respect and inclusion. These are all about valuing individual differences and making sure we treat everyone fairly. Our approach to business is built on partnership and collaboration. This starts with our team. As part of our talent management, all staff are supported to meet their training and development goals. By giving our people the training, support and opportunities to achieve their ambitions, we’re stronger as a business, and able to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Our commitment to health and safety shows how highly we value all staff as well as all the partners we work with, and we work hard to support sustainability.