As VGC is built on long-term relationships and goals, sustainability is extremely important to us. We believe that business has a central role to play in the creation of enduring social, environmental and economic well-being. VGC, in particular, is well placed to bring ongoing healthy change and our many talented and dynamic people are champions of this vision.

Social responsibility

By involving the community in our projects, and considering the needs of residents and local businesses, we believe that we produce the very best results for everyone.

We’re aware of the positive contribution our projects can make on local employment and skills and so fully support the use of local labour and training of personnel. Wherever possible we give consideration to the use of local suppliers for materials and services.

Securing our environment

We achieved ISO 50001 certification in Energy Management in January 2016. We are committed to efficient energy management, and aim to ensure that our activities do not have a detrimental impact on the environments in which we live and work.

Our corporate objectives include:

  • Employ locally, promote diversity, engage with communities
  • Manage and reduce our environmental impact
  • Source and manage materials and products responsibly.

All staff have personal objectives and are measured on how they contribute to achieving these objectives.

Throughout our business, we endeavour to use environmentally-friendly construction materials and equipment and to ensure that products are procured from sustainable and / or fair trade sources. We also work to measure and reduce energy usage, and recycle and reclaim materials to reduce our overall carbon footprint. Wherever possible we use local waste management facilities.

Our policy of local employment on our projects aims to ensure that staff do not travel long distances and can use public transport wherever possible. This reduces the environmental impact caused by carbon emissions.

In our offices, energy champions promote environmental awareness. Staff are encouraged to use the stairs instead of the lift and switch off all equipment when not in use.

Economic stability

We believe that a sustainable economic future is best achieved through consistent, long term investment in our people and technology. Moreover, we are committed to delivering value to our clients as we see this as a fundamental ingredient of our own success and profitability. As a significant employer within the construction industry, we also have a responsibility towards the security, health, wellbeing and development of our people.

By considering the wider impact of everything we do, we’re confident that VGC is taking the right steps towards a sustainable future for our people, our clients and the wider community.


Read our sustainability policy.