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John writes:

I’m pleased to say that we’ve had a number of compliments from satisfied clients recently, especially regarding the work done over the holiday period.

Resignalling Network Rail

Andy Gallimore, Siemens installation supervisor, sent an email about one of our civils gangs:

“During the commissioning over Christmas here in Manchester I had the privilege of working with a civils team:

  • G Walker (team leader)
  • L Molyneux
  • C Southam
  • M Fox
  • G Southam

“They were outstanding. Their attitude was excellent, never once complaining, regardless of the task. At the 11th hour they were asked to return at short notice to help complete the final works for the commissioning, and again they obliged.

“These are the people that make the team and make the work happen. Many thanks.”

The team was working on commissioning the Manchester signalling works (Package A4). It was mainly replacing and upgrading cables and trough routes.

Like all the people I work with, they work well together – I’d say the quality and calibre of my teams is above and beyond.

I’d also like to thank the other people working on resignalling for Siemens in Birmingham, Bolton and Oxford.

Highways on call

Members of my team who were on call for the Highways Agency were asked to go and clear up on the M5. There were several breakdowns and accidents, and they were there straight away, no quibbles, to clear up and make sure the traffic could keep flowing over the holiday period.

two men talking on construction siteCatthorpe interchange

I also had a lot of people working on the M1 junction 19 Catthorpe project. It’s due to finish shortly and we’re on the final push. Highways England Chief executive Jim O’Sullivan said in November: “It’s fantastic to see key projects like these in the Midlands making real progress”.

Mrs H, a member of the public, emailed in to say: “When I have driven down the M6 to go either south on the M1 or east along the A14 I have more often than not seen the workforce working hard in all weathers. Their job cannot be easy in some of the awful weather conditions we are faced with. Please pass on my thanks to all concerned. This project has improved the interchange beyond belief.”

This junction used to be a major bottleneck and the scheme will make a huge difference. The links from the A14 to M1 northbound, M1 southbound to A14, M6 to A14 in both directions, M6 to M1 southbound and M1 northbound to M6 are all already open.

Transport for London

John Daly
Author: John Daly, labour manager

My colleague Ian Keen also had some thank-you emails.

One of them was from TfL Delivery Manager Peter Brown. He forwarded a note from the senior project manager on the B2F project (to renew the track between Baker Street and Finchley Road on the Metropolitan line). It had a comment about a site visit by London Underground Commissioner Mike Brown, who described the way the teams work as “an outstanding example of innovation and collaborative working”.

Thank you to all our Christmas work teams, and best wishes for staying safe in 2017.











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