Our Christmas work teams

Our Christmas work teams

Thank you to everyone working over the Christmas holidays.

We have a number of people working night and day instead of celebrating with family and friends, and we are grateful to them.

“Thank you to all the people who will be giving up time with their family and friends,” said Laurence Mckidd, managing director. “This holiday period, when up to 50% fewer people are on the transport network, allows a real push on important engineering and infrastructure projects. I’d also like to acknowledge those who have worked on weekends and overnight throughout the year – thank you.”

Teams on Crossrail projects

Whitechapel (Crossrail station for BBMV)

Labour manager: Donatas Jausicas

Works will take place 24 hours a day from 26 – 31 December and also on 1 and 2 January 2017.

Crossrail Bond Street station (for Costain Skanska JV)

Labour manager: James Burke

Crossrail tunnel fit out (for Alstom Transport TSO Costain JV)

Labour manager: Nick Wells

Woolwich Box (for Balfour Beatty)

Labour manager: Mark Beer

Crossrail Anglia (for Costain)
  • Satwamt Cheema, Charlie Passingham, Ramsey Nwanne, Daniel Kassa, Fasika Tsega, Abdifatah Moalim, Kulwinderjit Singh, Robert Tabacaru, Stephen Connolly, Alexander Gebregzabiher
  • William Braiden, Frederick Pike, Zak Ahmed, Yared Lema, Amandeep jattana, Gursharan Jattana, Danut Ciocoiu, M Pierson, Lazer Ionut, Craig Anderson, Geda Kasim, Victor Rosa, Olibe Ukeh Olibe, Chinwe Samuel, Joseph Varghese, Borislav Eutimov, Jamie McDonald, Dragos Podeanu, Vlad Podeanu, Toby Kneller, Adam Daley, Joseph Harewood, Razak Farley, Dean Pugh, Kether Whatley, Dean Varney, Jack McDonald, Shane Brown, Ian Green, Mihail Cucinschi
  • Aidus Butkevicus, Yared Yemane, Gabriel Mardare, Habtom Fissehay, Christian Eze, Habtom Debretsion, Abdifatah Moalim, Liam Parish, Jason Donnelly, Catalin Muscalu, Tom Kneller, Paul Anderson, Sarawan Deep, Stillian Mane, David McDonald, Rock Osayomwanbor, Greg Shephard, Christian Timofte, Hugh O’Donnell, Daniel Higgins, Patrick Kinheart
  • David Smith, Fred Hawke, Qaiyum Khaled, Gabriela Stanciu, Simona Ciorcirian, Liliana Tupangiu, Iulica Visan, Anda Butnara, Harsh Bhasin, Chuchu Hagoss, Emanuel Kristin Gherasim, Charlie Passingham, Stephen Connelly, Natan Mikael, Amanuale Habtu, Nebil Yonas, Dawit Haile, Berehanu Mulugeta, Ellias Gedey, Solomon Kuma Bruk, Kalu Agbara, Gurjit Jutla, Yohannes Belay, Henok Abraha Kiross, Dagmawe Getachew, Gunjit Juttla, Binyam Gebresilassie, Samuel Brehe
  • Jaleed Hassan, Ionut Chitu, Flavius Pop, Kenny Kewley, Mirca Angela, Ioana Bulmaga, Aline Chitu, Daniela Caplea, Cladiu Raduiscu, Sanda Botos, Raveca Molina, Tationa Verdes

There will be works at Chadwell Heath,  Officers Meadows, Frias Avenue and Shenfield

Labour manager: Mark Beer

Improvement work planned near Shenfield station from Christmas Eve to 2 January 2017 includes installing a new track junction layout, 1,500metres of new track and 17 new overhead line gantries. Redundant material will be removed from the site including 23 overhead line masts, 1,500m of track and 6,000 tonnes of ballast. We are managing the signalling(for client Costain).VGC Christmas bauble


Other rail projects

Edinburgh to Glasgow Improvement Programme (EGIP) for Alstom Babcock Costain alliance and Morgan Sindall

Line of route civil engineering works

Northern Hub project (Manchester) (Skanska BAM Nuttall)

The blockade will last from 17 December to 3 January and teams will be working round the clock.

  • Jonathan Hupton, Tommy Bennet, Darren O Brien, Scott Watson, Dave Duckworth, Shaun Burdett, Louis Calland, James Grandin, Stuart Brown, Joe Farrell, Robert Walsh, Adam Gibbs, Mick Sheerin, Alan Jones, Anthony Hamlett, Jason Mulholland, Darren Collins, Lee Ellis, Stuart Ollerenshaw, Jon Carpenter, Ryan Walton, Jordan Heath, Connor Twist, Liam Sumner, Connor Sinclair Smith

Labour manager: Ciaran Murray

Network Rail signalling upgrade (Siemens)

Birmingham, Manchester, Oxford and Bolton

In Birmingham, overnight on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day:

  • Ben Daly, Richard Lorkin, William Benjamin, Empara Lala, Aaron Porter, James Wilkinson, Martin Brown

In Manchester, Network Rail has 27 daytime engineering projects and 15 night-time projects scheduled. Our teams working overnight on 21, 22, 24, 26 December 2016 and 1 and 2 January 2017:

  • Graham Walker (KI), Leslie Molyneux, Colin Southam, Darren Oxley, Stephen Baxter (KI), Daniel Leonard, Jordan Casey, Mark Fox

Working in Manchester during the day on 18, 22, 26, 27, 28 December 2016:

  • Paul Farmer, Daniel Almond, Mark Bridge, Taniela Lekutu, Jason O’Keefe (KI), John Perry (KI)

Labour manager: John Daly

Waterloo station upgrade (for Skanska)

Labour manager: Donatas Jausicas

VGC Xmas

Track Partnership

Teams will be working throughout the holidays on the London Underground network from Christmas Eve to 30 December.

They include Michael McCarney,  Bertie V Dieme, Flo Hoffman and Luis Silva.

Labour managers: Dan Parkinson and Ian Keen


Rail delivery teams

For Network Rail:
Burnmouth Down

• Tony Little, Shaun Callaghan-MacDonald, Craig Davidson, Michael Elwood

Elland Brick Yard

• Charlie Hunt, Alan Axon, Carl Dent, Stephen Hill, Paul Gregory, Keith Gallagher, John Grant

For Babock International

• Keith Gallagher, Michael Elwood, Shaun Callaghan-Macdonald, Tony Little

Camerons Bridge

• Keith Gallagher, Michael Elwood, Shaun Callaghan-MacDonald, Tony Little

Switch and panel deliveries for Network Rail

• Josh Connolly, Merv Smith


• Mick Clarey, Steve Foster


• Daniel Gallagher, Mick Clarey

Operations manager for all rail delivery teams: Simon Clamp

VGC Christmas bauble

Work on some schemes will begin on Christmas Eve – which falls on a Saturday – to give engineers and maintenance teams four days to carry out upgrades before the next working day. See the Network Rail website for information about service changes during the holiday period.

For information about the pay timetable over the holiday period, please see Jo’s blog.

If anyone’s been left off this list, please accept our apologies. Please contact us on Twitter or Facebook or by email to enq@vgcgroup.co.uk so we can add you in.