Electricity Alliance

Electricity Alliance
Morgan Sindall Electricity Alliance
£8 million
Across the UK
Mar 2007

VGC is pleased to be supporting Morgan Sindall in its work to upgrade the electricity network in England and Wales.

In 2007 VGC was asked to provide a skilled workforce to the framework contract supply labour to Morgan Sindall in support of its civil engineering works with National Grid under its Electricity Alliance contract.

Projects have been undertaken throughout England and Wales from Kent to the North West with work carried out on both existing installations and green field sites. This includes the construction of new substations, extensions to existing substations, and the upgrade of existing supply networks and in some instances flood defence works. Labour supplied is all CSCS accredited and where necessary operatives are trained to satisfy both PERSON & BESC (Basic Electrical Safety Competence) requirements, to COMPETENT PERSONs and authorised key holders. The scope of works undertaken by VGC includes excavation and reinforced concrete foundation construction, deep drainage including the installation of dump tanks and interceptors, road construction and building trades.

In order to cope with increasing electricity demand and maintain the quality and security of existing supplies, National Grid invested billions of pounds to upgrade and develop the electricity transmission network across England and Wales.

Since April 2007, this upgrade has been delivered by National Grid through Alliance partnerships with its suppliers. National Grid considered this to be the most effective and efficient mechanism for delivering the increased workload safely.

In April 2013 OFGEM (Office of Gas and Electricity Market) are introducing RIIO, a new price control mechanism, to emphasis incentives to drive the innovation needed to deliver a sustainable energy network at value for money to existing and future consumers. Whilst National Grid recognise the Alliances have been a huge success, to ensure that they are able to meet their RIIO requirements, National Grid are withdrawing from the Alliance arrangements to create a stronger Client / Contractor relationship to allow them to have a tighter control over the delivery of the projects, whilst the Alliance partners are able to focus on delivering what they do best – the delivery of construction projects.