London Underground depot signalling

London Underground Depot Signalling- Neasdon
Neasdon, London
Nov 2011

The introduction of the new Metropolitan S stock led to the need to modify the London Underground signalling system and Thales has been engaged by London Underground to undertake this work.

In November 2011 Thales awarded VGC the contract to carry out the civil engineering scope of its contracted works. This involved the installation of new cable routes, hard standings, walkways, hand rails and the construction of bases for signal assets. Once signalling assets are commissioned, VGC is required to recover redundant signalling equipment and cables.

Much of the work has taken place at Neasden depot. This is the largest on the London Underground network, used primarily for maintenance and stabling of the Metropolitan Line rolling stock as well as stabling some Jubilee Line trains.

Working within the London Underground environment requires thorough planning and coordination to ensure that there is no disruption to the railway operations. Detailed planning of the work involves close liaison with Thales to ensure that the civil engineering works are completed to enable signalling installation and commissioning to take place to meet the main contract programme.

All VGC personnel used on the contract are competent to undertake the work required. Training and competence of all VGC employees is managed on a central database to ensure that skill levels are maintained and that all personnel are qualified to undertake the works both safely and efficiently.