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September 2003
Balfour Beatty Rail
VGC contract value

VGC has supplied skilled staff and operatives to Integrated Track Team (formerly Track Partnership) for over 15 years.

At any one time there will be up to 170 VGC team members working for Integrated Track Team (ITT) right across London. They work across the network all year round, from station improvements at Ruislip in the west to track renewal at Upminster in the east.

Shifts are generally overnight during the week, with some blockades and weekend possessions. Most shifts start at 22:00 with handback the next morning in time for the commuter rush.

Our trained and experienced people include protection staff, foremen, platelayers, forklift drivers, slingers and control centre staff. While the range of work is wide, most of the teams concentrate on laying new drainage pipes, building catch-pits, repairing and restoring ballasted track, including replacing worn sleepers, rails, and points and crossings.

Our key influencers on the contract are Damien Walsh, Guillaume Grimbeek, Moyo Gisanrin and Neil Lewis.

Moyo Gisanrin
Moyo Gisanrin
Guillaume Grimbeek
Guillaume Grimbeek
Neil Lewis
Neil Lewis
Damien Walsh
Damien Walsh

Compliments received for the work of our teams on Track Partnership (now ITT) include: “Thank you all for giving your best last weekend… well executed on the ground by your efforts and hard work” and “This was a superb performance from everyone.”

VGC is an accredited LU contractor. All VGC personnel provided are accredited to work on the London Underground network and hold the relevant certifications. VGC holds details of competencies of our entire labour force on our extensive database to ensure that labour supplied meets the stringent requirements of London Underground.

If you have BTA and Lucas, you could join our team on Integrated Track Team. Call 01895 671 826 (office hours) to talk about working for VGC, or register for work online.

We support the Integrated Track Team with mental and physical safety briefings

Labour manager Dan Parkinson and HSQE adviser Ben Keegan have carried out face-fit testing for operatives who are at risk of breathing in dust on site. The tests make sure people are fitting their dust masks correctly, to protect their lungs. Read more about face-fit tests in Ben’s blog.

We also arranged and funded presentations by charity State of Mind Sport to people working on the project. The three briefings, scheduled to meet the needs of shift workers, are open and honest discussions about mental health. “Tremendous – I am so glad I came” was just one of many positive responses.

Members of State of Mind Sport presenting to ITT workers at Ruislip Depot
Members of State of Mind Sport presenting to Integrated Track Team workers at Ruislip Depot

About Integrated Track Team

ITT (formerly called Track Partnership) is a strategic alliance between London Underground and Balfour Beatty Rail, which is responsible for maintaining the London Underground network.

The scope includes major track replacement and improvements to crossovers, junctions, sidings and termini. Based at London Underground’s Ruislip depot, ITT delivers the works during engineering hours or longer pre-arranged weekend possessions. Watch a YouTube video of Track Partnership works at Walthamstow.

The London Underground network is the oldest and one of the busiest metropolitan railways in the world. Since 2003 London Underground has embarked on a massive track improvement programme throughout its network with the objective of increasing reliability, reducing journey times, achieving higher train speeds and improving passenger ride quality.

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