M25 ERA bay 08a

London - M25
Aug 2020
Dec 2020

This bay is similar to bay 03: the carriageway is being built out with a stepped formation detail, and 1,600t of imported aggregate to widen the embankment.

Some of the fill was reused from the bay 02 piling platform. We minimised vehicle movements by using the same vehicle to bring in the structural fill and to remove muck from site, thus reducing the carbon footprint of the project.

We managed material movements on each site with a cloud-based platform for real-time live data.
The M25 bays show VGC’s expertise in safe, efficient working in high risk environments.

  • 18,000 m3 of imported fill
  • 14,500 m3 of waste material removed 700 m of drainage pipe
  • 260 m new slot drains
  • 415 m2 of new layby

We have installed surface water drainage solutions to capture surface run-off. These are connected to the deep drainage. The deep drainage removes the water to areas where it is appropriately filtered to remove pollutants and ensure they do not enter the environment, before the outfall returns the water to nearby water courses.