Highways England photo of gantry works
March 2017
July 2020
Balfour Beatty Vinci JV
West Midlands

We have a large number of people working on the Highways England M6 smart motorway upgrade for client Balfour Beatty Vinci.

Our teams are involved in upgrading the 22km stretch between junctions 2 (Coventry) and 4 (Coleshill) to an all-lane running smart motorway.

We were involved in removing the existing gantries, building new gantry bases, improving drainage and installing new cabling infrastructure. The project includes 32 new gantries and 21km of new drainage.

In March 2019 our teams moved on to upgrading the central reservation. They have been helping to remove the steel barrier, improve the drainage, and install a new concrete barrier. We are also involved in creating nine new emergency refuge areas.

Our labour manager on the M6 is John Daly.

John Daly
Labour manager John Daly

About the project

The M6 is also known as the backbone of Britain. It runs north-south, linking Rugby at J19 of the M1, where we were heavily involved in the new Catthorpe interchange, to Carlisle at the A74.

At 257.5 miles, it is England’s longest motorway. The Preston bypass, opened on 5 December 1958, was the first stretch of motorway in the UK. The smart motorway upgrade will reduce congestion by increasing the capacity between junctions 2 and 4.

The project includes

  • installing new electronic information signs, signals and CCTV cameras
  • installing nine emergency refuge areas
  • improving the central reservation and adding a reinforced barrier
  • adding new noise barriers in built up areas

For more information on the M6 upgrade see the Highways England website.

Photograph: verge works to install a new gantry © Highways England