North Lincolnshire rail upgrade project

Siemens and VGC managers talking on site
£1.5 million
North Lincolnshire
Oct 2014
Dec 2015

VGC played an important part in the £88 million Network Rail upgrade of north Lincolnshire’s railways.

As a main labour supplier to the project, VGC provided nearly 50 people including labour and supervisors – a significant part of the overall workforce.

Mark Williams and the gang thanked by Siemens
Siemens Rail Automation sent ‘a huge thank you to the team for the effort and dedication’ on the north Lincs rail project. L to R: Mark Williams, Daniel Leonard, Stephen Baxter, Jason O’Keefe and Dave Cotterill

Our teams upgraded 16 old level crossings, replacing the old-style gates with new automatic barrier systems to reduce operating costs and improve safety. VGC teams also provided all the civil engineering infrastructure for the warning light and siren systems. Our teams were thanked by client Siemens for their “tenacity and willingness to go the extra mile” – other comments are on our Testimonials page. They worked extremely hard over Christmas and New Year 2015-16 and received a large number of compliments. These include: “their enthusiasm and willingness to work is a breath of fresh air” and “Please pass on my personal gratitude…. The hard work and dedication from the teams ensured we were successful [in the Christmas commissioning]”.

Alan Taylor
Key influencer Alan Taylor

Our Be Safe by Choice key influencer on the north Lincs project was Alan Taylor.

As well as the level crossings, the scheme also included renewing and re-controlling approximately 60 miles of signalling between Scunthorpe and Cleethorpes with more modern and reliable equipment. VGC teams delivered all the civil engineering works, including all sub-cable routes, equipment bases and walking routes. Our labour also erected signs including speed restriction boards.

The north Lincolnshire resignalling project is part of Network Rail’s planned programme of improvements for 2014 – 2019. This will include work to modernise the signalling system used to control train movements, improving reliability and providing increased flexibility of train services. When complete, the system will be controlled from Network Rail’s York rail operating centre.

Read more about the project on the Network Rail website.

Norman Wood
Key influencer Norman Wood
Key influencer Joe Atherton
Key influencer Joseph Atherton
Ben Daly
Key influencer Ben Daly

We also worked for Siemens on a similar signalling project in Crewe. Our key influencers in Crewe were Joe Atherton, Norman Wood and Ben Daly.

Read about our work for client Siemens on the Network Rail north-west electrification programme.