Specialist drainage tank installation

Stansted Airport coach station creative commons ThomasNugent
Strongs Group
Stansted Airport
Jan 2006
Jan 2006

The National Express Depot at Stansted is an integral part of the bus network infrastructure serving the busy London airport of Stansted. An increase in air passenger numbers and associated bus transport requirements necessitated enhancing the capacity of the depot to service buses, including the emptying of on-board chemical toilets.

The work undertaken by VGC involved the installation of ‘Klargester’ effluent catchment tanks in deep sheet piled excavations. These tanks were linked to a combined surface water ACO drainage system. Once the installation was completed the surfacing was reinstated allowing normal operation of the bus depot to resume.

This work was undertaken in a working bus depot and involved the management and transportation of contaminated materials whilst allowing full operational capacity of the bus station. The successful completion of the work shows VGC’s capability in tackling contracts involving management of construction in an operational environment.