Train modification unit (TMU) workshop

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Morgan Sindall
West London
Mar 2020
Dec 2020
Dan Parkinson
Labour manager Dan Parkinson

We are helping to build a new train modification workshop (TMU) at the London Underground works depot in Acton.

A joint venture between Morgan Sindall and BeMo Tunnelling is managing the £20 million design and build project. Our team is assisting on various tasks across the project for client Morgan Sindall, supported by labour manager Dan Parkinson.

Meron Khasay
Meron Kahsay


Several of his colleagues nominated traffic marshal Meron Kahsay for a positive intervention (PI) award in August 2020.

He regularly goes above the call of duty, often without prompt or request.

Catalin and Valentina received a PI award in Sept 2020

Catalin Radu and Valantina Jurevale received a PI award in September 2020. They joined TMU after lockdown as COVID marshals and to implement an enhanced cleaning regime. Their colleagues have praised them for diligence and excellent work on keeping the canteen, kitchen and toilets ‘spotless’.

About the Acton TMU project

The new workshop is being constructed on the site of the existing Acton Works depot in west London.

It will consist of

  • train maintenance building 160m in length, with four pitted rail tracks
  • welfare and office facilities

New tracks will connect the TMU to London Underground’s existing network.

Once complete, the depot will provide London Underground with extra facilities to repair and upgrade the train fleet. Central line tube trains will be the first to be upgraded as part of the Central Line Improvement Programme (CLIP).