Eastcroft energy from waste plant

Lodge Cottrell
Apr 2020
Jul 2020

We provided a large number of operatives to client Lodge Cottrell on the FCC Environmental upgrade of the Eastcroft energy from waste plant in Nottingham.

Our people were all from the local Nottingham and Derbyshire area. They included mechanical trades such as fitters, welders, riggers and associated mates.

All operatives possessed CCNSG safety passports, and our welders were coded to the required standards such as ASME 6g / 9g and BS EN class 1. We delivered confined space training.

Works at the plant were carefully managed to reduce the risks from COVID-19. We provided additional cleaners to sanitised common areas daily.

We worked with FCC Environmental and Lodge Cottrell to help create an ‘outage village’ for enhanced COVID-19 safety protocols. This allowed groups of workers, separated by trade and employing company, to segregate themselves during their rest breaks, and minimise contact with other groups.

The successful contract has led to further projects for Lodge Cottrell.

About the plant

The Eastcroft EfW plant processes around 180,000 tonnes of municipal waste each year. This produces around 250,000 MWh of energy per year. EnviroEnergy Ltd, which is owned by Nottingham city council, uses the high-pressure steam generated by the plant incinerator to provide power for public buildings and local homes. The plant is operated under an agreement between FCC Environment, the county council and Nottingham city council.

Photograph: London Road and Eastcroft Incinerator by John Sutton cc by 2.0