My work experience at VGC

My work experience at VGC

Alexandra writes

I have just completed a week’s work experience with VGC, which gave me an insight into the construction industry.

I started working in the marketing department with Zena Wigram. I learned the importance of promoting the company in order to appeal to clients and future workers. In the process of creating a number of news stories I discovered a lot about the company, and developed my writing skills.

I also put together social media posts for platforms like Twitter and Facebook, to show what goes on within the company. This project helped me to learn something about the marketing industry as a whole.

I spent time with the personnel department, which emphasised to me the importance of good CV presentation. In addition, it gave me the chance to look at a number of different job roles in the construction industry, such as senior project engineer and site engineer. This opened my eyes to the different departments existing within one company, which showed me that I don’t need to narrow my options.

Before coming to VGC I was set on studying psychology. However, after my work experience at VGC I have decided to investigate other career paths. I never understood the massive impact construction industries have on everyday life; in some sort VGC opened my eyes to the real world.

Throughout the week, everyone stressed the importance of time management. It’s essential to arrive on time and make sure that tasks are completed by the deadline. The experience of a full-time job gave me an insight into the environment that will soon be part of my life, and illustrated to me the importance of going into an industry I will enjoy.

My biggest challenge throughout the experience was gaining the confidence to go into a situation where I was unsure what I would be doing, and being in an environment with new people.

Thank you to Ciara Pryce, Laura Perry, Laurence Mckidd, Zena Wigram, and all the people in the personnel team.

By Alexandra Mckidd, Year 12 Drayton Manor High School

Photograph (left to right) standing: Anthony Fender, Bobbie Smith-Ball, Sam Wilson and Zena Wigram; seated: Simran Sandher, Alexandra Mckidd and Rebecca Parfitt