April’s week of work experience

April’s week of work experience

April (seated in the photo) spent a week working with VGC’s marketing and communications manager to see how marketing theory works in practice.

Among other activities, she liaised with a designer and a magazine on a new VGC advertisement. She wrote a news release which she published on our website, and shared relevant company information on social media.

Her favourite experiences were going on site to take photographs for a news release, and seeing the final artwork of the advertisement she had managed. April said: “My work experience at VGC has given me a valuable insight into the world of work, and has prepared me for what to expect when I finish university.

“I am excited to continue my career in marketing and am now more confident in my ability to work in a business environment when I finish my studies.”

April also gained some understanding of how other aspects of the business, such as HR and finance, work with marketing.

Ciara Pryce, group services director, said “We were delighted to give April this opportunity. VGC is committed to providing students with the opportunity to apply their knowledge in a real world business context.”

RailStaff advert August 2014
The advertisement April arranged