Thanks to Christmas holiday workers

Thanks to Christmas holiday workers

The VGC offices will be closed from 23 December until 4 January.

However, a number of dedicated VGC people will be working over Christmas and New Year.

These people are giving up time with their family and friends to carry out work on important infrastructure and transport works, and we thank them all most sincerely.


Crossrail Anglia

These people will be working 12-hour shifts from Christmas eve right through until Monday 4 January to progress the important north-east spur project for Costain

  • Binyan Gebresilaise (key influencer), Yohannes Belay, Yared Yemane, Nebil Yones, Muleken Berhane, Yonas Tekeste, Ephrem Yemane, Zak Gebre, Dawit Firew, Robel Ghebremikael, Gabriel Dragoi, Nicolaie Munteanu, Ionut Lincan, Nicolaie Stoica and Cristian Stoica are traffic marshals, working nights.
  • Traffic marshalls Robert Tabacaru and Aurimas Kuras will have shifts confirmed later.
  • Jason Donnelly, Jason Marriner, Zak Ahmed, Yared Lema, Festus Tomonwemo, Iulian Popa, Sean Warren, Dragos Podeanu, Kevin Mice and Valentin Marasescu are working day shifts as drivers.
  • Cleaners Gabriela Stoica, Samson Fonchi, Cristina Gherasim and Roxana Stoica will have shifts confirmed later.
  • Carpenters Arturas Zajanckauskas and Aidas Butkevicius will be working nights and Iulian Puscas will be doing daytime shifts.
  • Storeperson Joe O’Brien and banksman Osawe Enzo Lawrence are working days and telehandler Alin Ciobanu and banksman Rock Osayomwanbor (key influencer) will be working nights.
  • Groundworker Ionut Chitu will be working nights, and groundworkers Caleb Cowie, Ionut Lazer, Valentin Dragomir and Shakti Bharker will be working days.

Nick Wells will be on call throughout the holiday period.


Also for Crossrail

Teams will be working across London on Crossrail, including at Abbey Wood and Bond Street stations.

  • Dharamveer Singh (nights), Abush Getachew, Ghebrehiwot Ghebreyesus (days) are working as traffic marshals at Bond Street station on Christmas eve and from 26 December through to 4 January.


North Lincolnshire improvement project

A large number of people are working on commissioning the north Lincolnshire resignalling project for Siemens. They will start on Christmas eve, and work straight through until 10 January. People working over Christmas on the project have come in from north Wales, Manchester and Banbury to ensure the challenging targets are met. The work will include replacing 16 level crossings – a huge task!

Day shifts including Christmas Day:
  • Andrew Cornish, Richard Hirst, Billy Jones, Gary Mitchell, Tom Pickford, Stacey Davis, Jamie Wilkinson, Matt Blackburn, Callum Cahill, Lee Cavill, Graham Coe, Jon Coe, Andy Donnelly, Matt Fairclough, Callum Fox, Ian Henry, David Lewis, Carl Lindley, Dale MacPherson, Pat O’Toole, Tommy Reilly, Andrew Senior, Alan Taylor, Jim Tetley, Ricky Urban, Danny Woodcock
Working nights including Christmas night:
  • Mark Williams, Fillimori Vasukicaku, Norman Robinson, Aaron Porter, Jason O’Keefe, Taniela Lukutu, Daniel Leonard, Empara Lala, Damon Housley, Tony Green, Mark Fox, Dave Cotterill, Haruna Conteh, Martin Brown and Steve Baxter
Day shifts including New Year’s Day
  • Andrew Cornish, Richard Hirst, Billy Jones, Gary Mitchell, Tom Pickford, Stacey Davis, Liam McGonnell, Jamie Wilkinson, Matt Blackburn, Martin Brown, Callum Cahill, Lee Cavill, Jon Coe, Kevin Crannie, Ben Daly, Andy Donnelly, Brian Evans, Matt Fairclough, Callum Fox, Tony Green, Ian Henry, Damon Housley, David Lewis, Carl Lindley, Richard Lorkin, Dale MacPherson, Robert Muir, Shaun Muir, Pat O’Toole, Aaron Porter, Tommy Reilly, Norman Robinson, Andrew Senior, Alan Taylor, Jim Tetley, Ricky Urban, Danny Woodcock
Other day shifts over the holiday period
  • Peter Roe, Brian Hankinson, Lesley Molyneux, Darren Oxley, Soncheria Singh, Colin Southam

John Daly will be on call throughout the holiday period.


Rail delivery team

A large number of Network Rail projects over Christmas will need rail delivery, so our rail delivery team will be working hard throughout the holiday period. All of these shifts are overnight.

Switch and crossing panel deliveries:
  • Merv Smith is delivering at Purley on Christmas Day
  • Mick Clarey is delivering on Christmas Day and Josh Connelly and Steve Foster are delivering on Boxing Day in Doncaster
  • Nathan Storry is delivering on New Year’s eve in Kensal Green
  • Daniel Gallagher is on call
Rail deliveries:
  • Petru Ardeleanu, Mark Stanley, Gheorge Ardeleanu, Andrew Johnson are delivering in Sawbridgeworth on Monday 28 December
  • Michael Elwood, Craig Davidson, Daniel Gallagher, Keith Gallagher are delivering at Newark Castle on Tuesday 29 December
  • Carl Dent, Stephen Hill, Kyle Dent and Sam Webster are delivering in Chesterfield South on Tuesday 29 December
  • Heath McQueen, Andrew Johnson, Gheorge Ardeleanu and Mark Stanley are in Harlow Mill Up on Tuesday 29 December
  • Keith Gallagher, Ron Williams, Craig Davidson and Jamie Gibson in Arram and Hutton Cranswick on Saturday 2 January
  • Michael Elwood, Charlie Hunt, Alan Axon and Paul Gregory in Balshaw Lane on Saturday 2 January
  • Tony Little, John Scott, Chris Tuck and Shaun Callaghan MacDonald are at St Nicholas Bridge (very appropriate!) on Saturday 2 January
  • Ben Johnson, Andrew Johnson, John Waite and Anthony Scott are in Welwyn Garden City on Saturday 2 January
  • Austen Harrison, Mick Oates, Drew Harrison, Austen Harrison Jnr arein Standerwick on Saturday 2 January
  • Keith Gallagher, Ron Williams, Michael Elwood, Craig Davidson and Jamie Gibson at Bridlington Station on Sunday 3 January

On call will be Daniel Gallagher, Lee Hubjak, Simon Clamp and William Dalton



Edinburgh to Glasgow improvement programme (EGIP)

Thank you to the people working on the EGIP project for Alstom Babcock Costain alliance and Morgan Sindall.

Working Christmas Day and Boxing Day:
  • Rab MacCullum, Alex Gibb, Peter Lynn auguring team at Winchburgh
  • John Horn and Jamie Rush doing scaffold work
  • Pat Dale and Ryan McNally doing a trial dig
Christmas eve, Christmas night and Boxing night overnight shifts:
  • Ian Marshall, Derrick Wallace auguring team at Winchburgh
  • Thomas Donnelly and Chris Brunch on scaffolding work
  • Stuart Longmire and Jay Burdett on Winchburgh high level trial dig 2
  • Brian Dunachie, Manus Mcentee, Chris Silverstro, William McDonald, Laim Brown and Robert MacDonald on concrete team 1
  • Chris Finnie, Gary Proctor, Paul Lamb, James McFarland and Mark Rankin on concrete team 2
  • Jackie Hunter on concrete team 2 trial dig
Nightshifts on stores:
  • Jim Cauldwell and Willie Carroll

Sean Dempsey will be on call throughout the holiday period.


Track Partnership

Teams will be working throughout the holidays on the London Underground network.

Thank you to:

  • D. Flinn, H. Arikawa, L. Gorham, D. Kostevski, M. Lawal, S. Kubilay
  • G. Grimbeek, N. De Sousa, M. Sulaimon, E. Horvat, A. Butt, F. Ilori, B. Connell
  • N. Lewis, C. Stroe, A. Hickmott, A. Onofrei, A. Minkevicius, V. Simion, D. Harris
  • JB. Taylor, O. Ogundare, D. Petrov, R. Kotze, D. Predoiu, M. Gozaug
  • A. Evans, A. Brazewicz, A. Adesina, G. Ozlat, E. Kargbo, F. Ibukun, D. Sviluks
  • K Shahid, S. Barakat, J. v. Hespen, T. Ghazanfar, G. Secara, U. Bashir, C. Okwor
  • D. Walsh, M. Duru, Nizim Yusupov, A. Bunea, W. Lawal, C. Ugwuoke, J. Ajayi
  • E. Adetayo, G. Ali, C. Nwalusi, R. Zotovas, O. Adeolu, A. Adejobi, P. Slavov
  • R. Bronkhorst, F. Hoffman, L. Silva, A. Rediu, G. Secara, L. Amien, I Dumutrescu, F Strancata
  • J Dorado, L Childs, L Mould, P Petkov, S Bezinski, S David, S Kirev, W Lawal, Y Yarmolvich, R Lewis
  • A Dzenkov, A Ivanov, A. Handrea, B Dervini, B Rolph, I Petre, D Jipa, F Adewale, I Shapkov, E Ikenna


Network Rail

At Maidenhead, doing 12-hour shifts
  • On nights overnight including Christmas eve:
    Bill Godwin, Helen Odenwankpa, Chini Okonkwo, Chibu Usoma-Ubani, Moses Ogunsola, Ola Olowu, Ola Aremu, Ola Olapido, Chris Ezenwaka, Maruis Druga, Mustapha Ajanaku, Joel Godwin, James Olaleye. Julius Aroh will join them from 27 December onwards.
  • On days starting on Christmas Eve:
    Felix Akadiri, Onoura Nwosu, Moses Uthman, Olu Owalabi, Nigel Pearce, Michael Bablola, Michael Olusanya. Max Ruddock will start on Christmas Day, and Darlington Osiaku will join the team from 27 December.
At Paddington
  • Egis Simonelis, Stoyan Ognayov, Lucian Caravia, Robert Ugwegbu, Dimitru Rus, Marcos Bruzzone, Cristian Timofte, Adrian Dochitanu, Sergui Timofte, Raul Popescu will be working overnight 9pm – 6am all week starting on Christmas eve
  • Cristi Aileni, Ioan Ciarnau, Daniel Surcel, Andrei Tutula, Catalin Ruja, Claudiu Racovita, Bodgan Isac, Tyrone Taylor, Grant Page, Marius Costas, Dorin Ieustean and Lucian Popa will work from 5am to 2pm all week starting on Christmas morning
  • Ionut Citea, Gentjan Bala, Robert Timofte, Alin Chera, Daniel Popa, Mohammed Sethi, Catalin Ghiurcuta, Florin Greca, Victor Cobuz, Alin Zaharia are working from 1pm – 10pm all week starting on Christmas Day

On KO2 for Thameslink

There’s information about Thameslink Christmas works on their website.

Working from 3pm to midnight on 26, 27 and 28 December are

  • Myles Welch, James Lockett, Lucky Dickson, Patrick Dube, James Evans, Aashish Lama, Kieran Mahoney, James Baber are

Working from 11pm to 8am on Christmas eve are:

  • Jed Carey, Brad Dehara, Rich Beatty, Jadgip Singh, Parbu Kuttykrishnan, Andy McWalter and Barry Tyrer

Working from 11pm to 8am on Christmas night are:

  • Jed Carey, Brad Dehara, Rich Beatty, Jadgip Singh, Prabu Kuttykrishnan, Andy McWalter, Barry Tyrer, Alan Orpwood, Arthur Orpwood, Dan Rickward, Lee Brookstein, Mervy Kangi, Oghen Atubi, Mark Morris, James Delee, Pedro Angelini, Mitch Selby, Mark Taylor, Jaimie Pettman, Mohammed Ali, Ralph Okpalanwolu, Alfi Jasper and David Couchman. Most of these people will work nights all week – thank you!


If anyone’s been left off this list, please accept our apologies. We’d love you to contact us on Twitter or Facebook or by email to so we can add you in.