Supply chain gold status for VGC

Supply chain gold status for VGC

VGC is one of only 12 companies who have been awarded gold status in the Supply Chain Sustainability School.

The Supply Chain Sustainability School is a collective of 35 leading construction and engineering companies, sharing knowledge and resources to improve sustainability in the industry. The school has more than 10,000 members, to which it offers e-learning modules, self-assessment and improvement action plans, as well as sustainability training and networking opportunities.

The school has 42 bronze, 75 silver and only 12 gold members, who have satisfied the stringent criteria for these levels of recognition, and continue to engage actively with the school. That is out of nearly 70,000 users who have visited the school’s website to find information and advice.

Supply Chain School gold barVGC has been involved in the school since it was established in 2012 to share and spread best practice. Delivered by Action Sustainability with investment from CITB, UKCES and partner organisations, it seeks to bring together the best resources in sustainability. All the partners contribute funding, or funding in kind, to the day-to-day running of the school. They also promote the school as a way to develop the sustainability skills of the supply chain to the built environment.

In addition, all partners sign the Supply Chain Sustainability School Code of Ethics.

As companies building and maintaining infrastructure assets we can have a significant impact on carbon emissions and use of resources. At VGC we also take seriously our responsibility to a sustainable workforce, through training and development, including our successful apprenticeship programme. We believe this is the best way to meet future skills demands.

The Supply Chain Sustainability School represents a common approach to developing sustainability competence in the supply chain. It is a free resource available to any supplier, and is part of a continued commitment to lead the industry into a brighter, more sustainable future.