VGC is ‘Contractor of the Year’

VGC is ‘Contractor of the Year’

VGC has been named ‘Contractor of the Year 2014’ on the Crossrail project at Bond Street station, based on the year’s safety scores.

On the Crossrail project at Bond Street station managed by Costain Skanska, seven safety areas are measured each month, and the contractor who has scored highest is awarded ‘Contractor of the Month’. Since the project began in January 2014, VGC has been named Contractor of the Month most often of all the contractors on the project and thus won ‘Contractor of the Year’ at the end of 2014.

VGC also scored top in January, February and March 2015.

“Safety is of tremendous importance to us, so this award is very pleasing,” said VGC Chairman Sean Fitzpatrick. “I’m very proud of the staff who work so hard on ‘outperformance’ to exceed our clients’ expectations in all we do, and whose work has been recognised in this way.”

Photograph: HSQE Director Terry Dutton-Wells with the ‘Contractor of the Year’ award.