Gender pay report

Gender pay report

On 5 April 2023, VGC employed more than 250 employees. In accordance with The Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017 legislation we are pleased to publish our gender pay calculations.

Gender pay gap reporting shows the difference between the gross hourly earnings and bonus pay between men and women within each organisation.

We are proud of our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and strive to ensure that we have a diverse workforce, representative of the regions in which we work and the general population. We want our people to feel supported, safe, ambitious and able to achieve their potential in their chosen fields of work, regardless of background.

Education and training:

We provide our staff with diversity, inclusion and unconscious bias training as well as promoting fairness, inclusion and respect (FIR) throughout our workforce with trained FIR ambassadors.


Our schools engagement programme aims to inspire girls to consider a career within the construction industry before applying for their GCSEs. In 2022 we reached over 3700 students.

We have five STEM ambassadors.

VGC works with female prisons HMP SEND, HMP East Sutton Park, HMP Drake Hall Thames Valley Community to help rehabilitate people back into society. We support employability events, advise on roles and education paths, and help with CVs and interview techniques. We are also supporting women on ROTL into work experience while serving their sentence.


We have created competency profiles and behaviours for all jobs in the business, and use this to recruit, train and promote staff, in order to open our roles and development opportunities to a wider pool of candidates. 

We will continue to monitor and report our diversity levels and work to better understand our gender pay gap challenge. We will continue to encourage female participation in all levels of our organisation.

Our existing and planned programmes, both those specifically for women and those which are part of our wider social impact agenda will support VGC in achieving our ambitions of a more diverse and ultimately more successful company.

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