Women in Construction Week 2024

Women in Construction Week 2024

Women in Construction week took place from the 3rd – 9th March this year, and is an event that highlights and promotes the role of women in the construction industry.

VGC spent the week recognising the contributions of some of the fantastic women we have on projects across the UK.

Daniela Caplea is a dedicated Traffic Marshall on HS2 SCS. Joining VGC in 2019, Daniela initially contributed her skills to the Crossrail Project before becoming an integral part of the VGC SCS Team as a cleaner, before gaining her CPCS in 2021 and becoming a Traffic Marshall/Machine Banksman.

Shek Li Chan is an invaluable member of our SCS Team Her dedication and hard work have earned her a well-deserved One Team Spirit award for her outstanding contributions.

“Shirley is a likeable and approachable individual on HS2 SCS West, building strong relationships on-site. Her reliability and work ethic make her an asset to the team.” – Jana Venizelou, Labour Manager

Molly Millin and Julie Crump work at BBV Delta Sublot.

Molly, our dedicated administrator, ensures seamless operations by managing payroll and overseeing the efficient transportation of equipment from on-site stores. Her commitment and precision make her an invaluable asset to the team.

Meanwhile, Julie, our cheerful driver, plays a vital role in transporting our team across different sections of work at Delta Sublot. Always sporting a smile, Julie exemplifies positivity and is always ready to assist.

Veronica Tacovici started at VGC as a cleaner and has since demonstrated exceptional dedication and skill progression. She has evolved from a Groundworker to a Skilled Operative and now serves as a Yardmaster in our stores.

Veronica embodies hard work, reliability and a relentless drive for progress.

Tracie is a dedicated CPCS Traffic Marshall making invaluable contributions to the EKFB project.

Tracie’s journey with EKFB began as a Gate Person, showcasing her commitment to the construction field. Through hard work and determination, she has since achieved her CPCS plant and vehicle Marshall qualification, further enhancing her skills on the job.

Malihah is from the logistics team to a CPCS Plant & Vehicle Marshall, her journey embodies dedication and growth.

Elizabeth is a recent addition to the logistics team, she’s gearing up to take on her CPCS Plant & Vehicle team certification.

Saman is a vital member of our team! As a Site Access Operative, she plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and security on the project.

Working hand-in-hand with our security teams, Saman exemplifies dedication and expertise in every task.

Daniella is our newest addition to the EKFB project as a Gate Person

With enthusiasm and dedication, Daniella is paving her way in the construction industry.

Currently focusing on essential tasks, she is eager to undergo further training to enhance her skills and contribute even more to the success of the project.

In June 2022, Roxanna joined EKFB as a Groundworks Ganger, showcasing her dedication and expertise. She has since been promoted to Earthworks Supervisor

Abbie Doyle is a VGC Administrator at the Delta section of BBV HS2, just across from the Balfour Beatty VINCI Park Hall site.

Abbie is the driving force behind the scenes, managing timesheets, ordering tools and materials.

As a supervisor for Molly Millin on the neighbouring site, Abbie’s dedication knows no bounds.

Colleagues describe her as a “credit to our office, always going above and beyond, especially in assisting those who may not be computer literate.”