RIP Emeka-Samuel Ebuzoeme

RIP Emeka-Samuel Ebuzoeme

We were very sad to hear about the death of  Emeka-Samuel Ebuzoeme, known to his colleagues as Samuel.

Samuel passed away from COVID-19 in late January, around the peak of the UK pandemic.

London Underground workHe had been part of the VGC family since August 2017. He joined the team on our contract with Track Partnership (which became Integrated Track Team in 2019), working at the London Underground depot as a track operative. In May 2019 he changed to become a security guard.

Labour manager Daniel Parkinson said: “Sam had worked for me on various projects over the last couple of years, in roles from trackman to security.

“He was sincerely committed to VGC and very supportive of his colleagues, constantly looking for ways he could help, and always smiling as he worked. He will be sadly missed.”

We have sent our sincere condolences to Samuel’s partner, Nakamwi Mulunga.