Staff mental health survey results

Staff mental health survey results

Our survey shows VGC staff are taking care of their mental health.

Most people who responded to our mental health survey are looking after their mental health by getting outside into the fresh air, talking to friends and family, and taking regular exercise.

  • Our survey showed that most people (80%) get outside into the fresh air whenever they can.
  • 77% spend time talking to friends and family.
  • 74% take regular exercise.

staff survey resultsAnd two thirds of staff who replied say they are eating healthily.

14 people practise meditation or mindfulness.

One person who responded had already asked for help with their mental health.

Five people used the survey to ask for contact from a mental health first aider. Wellbeing ambassador Fiona Dowling, who is a trained MHFA England first aider, has been in touch with all of them.

What people said worked for them

Janet Philip and her grand-daughter

There were some excellent responses to the question “What other things could help your mental health?”

  • Gardening was much the most popular way people help look after themselves, often combined with working around the house and home improvements. (You can see several excellent projects on our staff at-home photo gallery.)
  • A number of people mentioned friends and family.
  • A surprising number of people who had not checked the box to say they practise ‘meditation or mindfulness’ mentioned meditation, thinking positive, taking time out to think, or enjoying the peace and calm.
  • Other things people do to help their mental health include reading, crosswords, listening to motivational talks, learning, and keeping busy.
  • Two people recommended fishing.
  • Someone suggested family and friend video calls.
  • One person recommended “Kindness and helping others makes you feel good about yourself as well as being appreciated”.
  • Several people said they’re looking forward to going back to work.

Links which may be useful


Only 57% of people said they make sure they get enough sleep. Our page of sleep tips has some links  to articles which offer advice.

feet of someone in bedNews

48% of people think they watch too much news. If you think too much news makes you unhappy, this article by Rolf Dobelli may help you cut down.

Healthy eating

If you are in the 35% who say you aren’t eating healthy food, you may get some inspiration for healthy eating from:


Mindfulness means paying attention to the present moment, and being aware of your own thoughts and feelings, and the world around you. The NHS web page on mindfulness gives more information and suggestions.

Getting help

To contact our wellbeing ambassador Fiona Dowling, just enter your email address on the survey form, and she will be in touch.

This web page gives a list of places where you can get support with your mental health.

Mental wellbing charity State of Mind Sport lists ten ways to wellbeing.

Thank you to everyone who sent in responses to the survey.