Thank you, Aaron

Thank you, Aaron

Earthworks ganger Aaron Strovers received an award for his safety-cautious approach.

Aaron is working on Ascot Road, where the old bridge will be demolished later this month and replaced with a new wider structure over the upgraded M4.

When he smelt gas coming from an open excavation, he immediately contacted the duty foreman. The issue turned out to be a seal on a gas pipe fitting. The structures work manager arranged to have the problem rectified immediately.

VGC supports client Balfour Beatty Vinci joint venture on the M4 junction 3 to 12 smart motorway project.

Aaron joined the project as a ganger in April 2019. It wasn’t long before he was promoted to pipe laying supervisor, and then to earthworks ganger. He has been involved in working on a number of the structures for the project, including setting up Hunterscombe compound, Ascot Road and Old Slay Lane.

Labour manager James Andrews said: “Aaron is very well thought of on the project. I have nothing but praise for his work attitude and commitment to safety.”

Celebrating 5M RIDDOR-free hours

Aaron received a gift voucher during a stand-down day on 28 August. The day marked a milestone on the project – it has now achieved five million working hours RIDDOR free.

Steve Jagger, project director, said: “This is a remarkable performance, but remember there is no room for any complacency as we move into the busy second half of the job. Please remain vigilant and keep your observations on any health and safety related issues pouring in.”