Congratulations to Ben on completing his apprenticeship

Congratulations to Ben on completing his apprenticeship

Benjamin Moore has completed his Advanced Level Apprenticeship in Wood Operations.

Ben is a member of the DIF box encapsulation plant product store (BEPPS) team at Sellafield in Cumbria.

He studied at Lakes College West Cumbria, and passed a number of relevant modules to achieve his NVQ level 2 diploma.

These included level 3 in:

  • first-fix roofing and stairs
  • second fixing double doors and mouldings (with merit!)
  • inset-up and use of fixed and transportable machinery.

He also passed qualifications in English at level 2.


Ian Cruden, external completion manager from client M+W Group, congratulated Ben on the good news.

Benjamin and George with Ben's new blue hat
Labour manager George Farquhar (right) hands Ben his new blue hard hat. (Apprentices wear yellow hats.)

Ben was supported during his apprenticeship by VGC labour manager George Farquhar. George said: “I’m very proud of Ben for gaining this qualification. He works hard on site, and his cheerful presence is appreciated by everyone on the team.”

Head of HR Laura Perry said: “I am looking forward to applying for Ben’s gold skills card.

“Ben started his apprenticeship working for another company. However, his position was made redundant, which would have meant the end of his apprenticeship. So we were very pleased to be able to offer Ben a position to enable him to achieve his qualifications, and I am delighted that he has done so well.”

The advanced certificate follows Ben’s achievement of his intermediate certificate in 2018. This covered:

  • principles of building construction, information and communication
  • health safety and welfare in the workplace
  • productive working practices in the workplace
  • structural carcassing
  • installing first and second fixing components
  • maintaining non-structural carpentry work
  • moving, handling and storing resources
  • setting up and using transportable cutting and shaping machines.

Martyn Price MBE, head of workforce development and chairman of the Cross-Industry Construction Apprenticeship Task Force (CCATF), added: “It’s often inspiring to learn about the journey behind any apprenticeship completion, and Ben’s story is no different. He is a great advocate for the construction sector and a credit to VGC.

“Ben’s achievements are a good example of how people benefit from our commitment to apprenticeships and lifelong learning.”