Health, safety, quality and environment (HSQE) are very important to us – as important as our financial and business goals.

Our strong HSQE culture means that we keep people and the environment safe while meeting client needs.

Processes, people and collaboration

Our HSQE policies and system are fully UKAS certified to ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. We manage procedures through our integrated business system: this incorporates planning, communication, training, inspections, audit, review and feedback for continuous improvement.

Our central HSQE team disseminates lessons learned, best practice and new initiatives throughout VGC and our partner organisations. We collaborate with our clients to increase standards of HSQE performance throughout the workforce and achieve the safest possible working environment.

Be safe with VGC

Be Safe by Choice with VGCWe believe that everyone must take responsibility both for their own safety and that of their colleagues. We require all of our staff to follow four key rules, set out below. By following these rules, we believe it is possible to reduce accidents to the lowest possible level.

  1. Be fit for work

  2. Get a brief before you start work

  3. Report anything unsafe

  4. Stop work if anything changes

HSQE induction booklet

Our HSQE induction booklet (1.2MB pdf) explains what we expect of everyone who works for VGC.

Because behaviour and attitude have a significant bearing on the cause of accidents and incidents in the workplace, we run a behaviour-based safety programme called Be Safe by Choice with VGC. This programme operates throughout our organisation. It includes the introduction of ‘key influencers’ within our workforce: they actively observe and involve themselves with the safety performance and behaviour of others to promote a culture of safe practice.

Our commitment

At VGC, we are committed to ensuring that all of our activities are delivered in a safe and responsible manner, and we will keep working to reduce risks to the lowest possible level.