Be Safe by Choice with VGCVGC’s behaviour-based safety programme, Be Safe by Choice with VGC, makes people aware of how behaviour and attitudes are key to reducing accidents.

While health and safety legislation has led to a fall in the rate of accidents, we are committed to delivering all our activities as safely as possible, and we continuously work to reduce risks to the lowest possible level.

Behavioural safety training persuades people to work safely not because of ‘the rules’, but because they think about what might happen if they take risks. It also encourages them to look out for their colleagues and to share any concerns they may have.

Key influencers

A key part of Be Safe by Choice are ourĀ key influencers – people who are the ‘eyes and ears’ of safety in the workplace. These workforce safety champions attend a three-day training course, which gives them the skills to observe, engage and coach their colleagues.

Video: key influencer Moynul Islam talks about his role:

A positive impact on safety

Be Safe by Choice has had a very positive impact on safety, as well as on staff morale.

Be Safe rules

Be Safe near miss reporting card

Everyone must take responsibility for their own safety and for that of their colleagues. We require all staff to follow four simple rules. We believe they will allow us to reduce accidents to the lowest possible level.

  • Be fit for work. (Come to work rested and alert; make sure you are trained for the job; have the right PPE for the task; declare any medical conditions which may affect your work.)
  • Get a brief before you start work. (Make sure you understand what you are going to do and how; have the right tools and permit; ask if you are not sure about anything.)
  • Report anything unsafe. (However big or small it is, report any act or condition that you think is unsafe (or could be better); put it right if you can; tell your supervisor so we can learn from it.)
  • Stop work if anything changes. (Stop work if something changes from the plan; make sure the change has been reassessed before you start again.)

What we expect from everyone at VGC

OurĀ HSQE induction booklet (1.2MB pdf)HSQE induction booklet explains what we expect of all VGC Group employees and contractors to keep themselves and their colleagues safe. We want to make sure everyone goes home safely at the end of each shift.

All staff are sent regular Be safe briefings with up-to-date safety information and alerts, and we share safety reminders on social media. People who take safety seriously, particularly those who report observations, are thanked and rewarded.

There is a useful pdf on behaviour based safety on the Health and Safety Authority website.