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Information about wages and pay

Coronavirus Job Retention scheme

We are currently working through the details of the coronavirus job retention scheme. We are identifying how we can apply for this government funding. We are also putting systems in place to administer it.

As soon as we know more, we will share the information in the daily staff update and on this web page. We hope to have more detail by early April.

Self employed workers

If you are self-employed, and if you filled in a tax return last year, HMRC will send you details of the new self-employed income support scheme. This will take some time to organise. You will not be able to apply until they get in touch.

In the meantime, you can apply for a business continuity loan, and you should apply for Universal Credit.

Independent contractors

Your independent contractor will tell you their processes. Please contact them if you have any questions:

In Sync  01252 704 030 Harrison.Chapman@in-syncgroup.com

JMK 01895 447 800 queries@jmkgroupuk.com

If you are self-isolating

People on a PAYE contract should apply for statutory sick pay (SSP) if you’re self-isolating because you or your household have symptoms.

You must send an isolation or sickness form from NHS111 to hr@vgcgroup.co.uk. You must also report all absences to your VGC labour manager. See our web page on absence reporting for details.

Holiday pay

If you have questions about receiving your holiday pay, please contact your VGC labour manager.

To book holiday, please use our annual leave request form.

Please keep taking care not to spread the virus.

You can carry and share the virus even if you don’t have symptoms. The faster it spreads, the more people will die.

Four comments on “Information about pay during the COVID-19 outbreak”


    Site I was working on closed on Monday due to the virus , I know use are looking into retention scheme does this mean we will go without wages untill this is put into place ?

  2. Zena Wigram

    Hi David, would you email our HR team at hr@vgcgroup.co.uk please?

  3. Ola

    Just been made redundant of last month before the outbreak and that’s after 3 years and 11 months @ATC Crossrail project, is there any means l can get financial assistance at this very difficult time please?

  4. Zena Wigram

    Dear Ola, so sorry you’re having a difficult time. Our web page vgcgroup.co.uk/places-financial-advice/ has some suggestions for reputable sources of assistance.

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