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In our series of webinars we share future opportunities at VGC.

As construction works ramp up across the UK post-lockdown, we are keen to grow our team of skilled and qualified people.

The webinars offer an opportunity for people to find out what projects are coming up and how to can be part of them.

Our next webinar:

Technical details

If you are on a phone or tablet, you’ll need to have the MS Teams app to join the webinars live.

If you don’t already have it, download the free MS Teams app in advance of the online meeting.

(You won’t need the app if you’re on a desktop computer.)

If you have feedback on the webinar, or want to ask questions, either use the feedback form below, or go to our innovations portal.

If you know someone who’d like to work for VGC, please share this information with them.


Below is the recording of the webinar on Thursday 6 August.

Here’s the recording from our webinar on Thursday 30 July:


You can find recordings of all our previous recruitment webinars on on VGC’s YouTube channel or you can go directly to each using the links below.


Let us know what you think! You can easily give feedback on all the webinars by filling in this short form.

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  1. Maria

    did not . The job at this agency is wonderful. silver is at yimp. an acceptable salary. I look forward to this difficult situation that humanity and companies are going through. to go back to work.

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