VGC safety briefing at London Bridge
Bradley, Prabu, Jagdip, Richard and Jed

Be Safe by Choice with VGCMonthly ‘Be Safe’ briefings are sent to all staff.

They include information to increase staff awareness of safety.

These briefings are discussed at the monthly operational meetings. Then they are cascaded to all operations staff, and printed out for those who do not use a computer regularly.

The April 2019 Be safe brief (264kb pdf) includes

  • lanyard safety alert
  • why you should wear the correct boots
  • malicious items on track

The March 2019 Be safe brief (445kb pdf) includes

  • bird-nesting season
  • warning re brush cutting
  • power lead left on track (non VGC)

The February 2019 Be safe brief (801kb pdf) includes

  • Time to Talk day
  • fatigue
  • finger injuries

The January 2019 Be safe brief (441kb pdf) includes:

  • slips, trips and falls
  • noise awareness
  • State of Mind Sport

The December 2018 Be safe brief (369kb pdf)includes:

  • Christmas pay
  • manual handling
  • awards

The November 2018 Be safe brief (278kb pdf) includes:

  • tips for autumn driving
  • spotting the signs of modern slavery
  • unchartered service just 20mm deep

The October 2018 Be safe brief (338kb pdf) includes:

  • waste management
  • plant and people
  • getting to and from work

The September 2018 Be safe brief (1.08MB – please be aware this is a big file) includes:

  • fuel and noise pollution
  • construction worker helpline
  • wellbeing and fatigue

The August 2018 Be safe brief (454kb pdf) includes:

  • oak processionary moth
  • buried services
  • Weil’s disease

The July 2018 Be safe brief (370kb pdf) includes:

  • recording HAVS
  • sun protection
  • waste and fire precautions

The June 2018 Be Safe brief (521kb pdf) includes:

  • Why you should always wear a seatbelt
  • Lessons learned re service strikes, working at height and people plant interface

The April 2018 Be Safe brief (342kb pdf) includes:

  • lessons from other sites
  • bird nesting season
  • HAVS reminder

The March 2018 Be Safe brief (356kb pdf) includes:

  • lessons learned – always have three points of contact
  • reminder re personal liability if you are unsafe
  • Women in VGC network launch


Older Be Safe brief pdfs are saved on the archive page.

Our commitment to health and safety – not just senior management, but embedded throughout the organisation –  is an indication of how highly VGC values all staff.

We also share safety information on LinkedIn and on our Facebook and Twitter feeds. Please like and follow us to keep up to date.