Hand safety poster
Download the hand safety poster (950kb pdf) to print and display on your worksite

Most construction injuries involve hands, backs and feet.

A hand injury can have a huge impact on your daily activities – at work, and at home.

In 2018 around 197,000 people had injuries to neck, arms and hands, related to handling (HSE statistics).

Each injury has an impact on a person’s work, finances and family. A bad injury can change your life.

Download our toolbox talk on hand safety (157kb pdf).

Site safety rules are there to stop people being hurt:

  • Avoid lifting or handling if you can – use mechanical aids.
  • Share or split the load to make the task safer.
  • Use the correct gloves to reduce the risk of hand injuries. (But be aware that the wrong type of glove can sometimes give a false sense of protection.)
  • Stop to reassess if the planned activity changes.

Gloved hand holding helmetInjuries happen when the safe system of work is not followed, or the planned task changes.

Using poor lifting techniques makes it much more likely that you will be injured. Please watch Ben’s video on our manual handling page on how to handle safely.

Safety on site is everyone’s responsibility. We must all look after each other.

Download the hand safety poster (950kb pdf)

If you are worried about safety on your site, please report your concerns straight away.

Please stay aware of the risks of hand injuries. Follow the safe system of work, stop if anything changes, and report anything you think could be done in a safer way. If everyone does this, we can minimise injuries at work.