Most construction injuries involve hands, backs and feet.

A hand injury can have a huge impact on your daily activities – at work, and at home.

In 2021-2022 there were 565,000 non fatal injuries in the UK of which 101,700 were due to handling, lifting or carrying activities (HSE).

Each injury has an impact on a person’s work, finances and family. A bad injury can change your life.


Site safety rules are there to stop people being hurt:

  • Avoid lifting or handling if you can – use mechanical aids.
  • Share or split the load to make the task safer.
  • Use the correct gloves to reduce the risk of hand injuries.
  • Stop to reassess if the planned activity changes.

Gloved hand holding helmetInjuries happen when the safe system of work is not followed, or the planned task changes.

Reduce the risks of hand injuries further by adhering to the following:-

  • Plan ahead. What hazardous material are you using? Do you have the correct PPE i.e rubber gloves/cut 5 gloves?
  • Have you been briefed on the COSHH risk assessment and understand the controls?
  • If you use substances hazardous material regularly carry out regular skin checks or see the occupational health nurse on site if you have any concerns
  • Are you using the correct tool for the task? Have you been trained to use this correctly? If not speak to your supervisor?
  • Ensure equipment is maintained and fit for use. Carry out pre-use checks.
  • No matter how small an injury always report it and seek medical advice.
  • Keep hands clean using good hygiene to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria
  • Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) – Ensure regular breaks and job rotation when using vibrating tools

Safety on site is everyone’s responsibility. We must all look after each other.

If you are worried about safety on your site, please report your concerns straight away.

Please stay aware of the risks of hand injuries. Follow the safe system of work, stop if anything changes, and report anything you think could be done in a safer way. If everyone does this, we can minimise injuries at work.