Your mental health is just as important as your physical health.

One of VGC’s core values is ‘we look after each other‘.

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That includes mental as well as physical health and safety.

Talking about mental health can make people uncomfortable.

Please remember that you should always treat people with respect. Joking about mental health issues can cause harm.

The risk of suicide for men on construction sites is three times higher than the national average. (ONS 2017)

At VGC we do our best to ensure everyone is well and mentally fit to carry out your work.

If you have a physical health issue, you go to your pharmacist, GP, dentist or optometrist for help. But people who suffer from hidden health issues like stress, depression and anxiety may feel unable to ask for help.

Every year one in four of us will experience a mental health problem.

We have a short quiz you can take to help you decide if you should do more to support your mental wellbeing.

Download our toolbox talk on mental health and wellbeing (172kb pdf).

Download our bite-sized training course on mental health (548kb pdf)

Members of State of Mind Sport presenting to ITT workers at Ruislip Depot
Members of State of Mind Sport presenting to Integrated Track Team workers at Ruislip Depot

We work with our chosen charity, State of Mind Sport, to help people to learn about their mental health.

Members of State of Mind Sport have delivered presentations at a number of our sites. People attending have been very positive about their sessions.

Dr Phil Cooper of SOMS has written a guest blog for us on ways to improve your mental fitness.


VGC's mental health first aiders
Our trained mental health first aiders
  1. Speak to your line manager. They can support with work challenges and direct you to a mental health first aider.
  2. We have two trained mental health first aiders: call Kimberley on 07810 052 787 or Fiona on 07464 919 245 or Daniel on 07899 781 502 to chat in confidence.
  3. Part of the VGC employee benefit scheme is the freephone Construction Worker Helpline: 8am – 8pm on 0808 801 0373
  4. Samaritans 24-hour free helpline: phone or text free 116 123 or email
  5. Contact your GP.