Control the risks from manual handling – remember TILE.

Before you lift, consider TILE: task, individual, load, environment.

clipboard task iconTask

What are you going to do? Have you had a task briefing?

Never lift if you can use plant or equipment instead.

Plan the task. Will you need to lift, twist, push or pull? How long will it take? Does it involve repeated movements?

person iconIndividual

Have you had training?

Are you fit for the task? Are you able to lift safely, with good posture?

Do you need someone to help? Are you wearing the right PPE?

load iconLoad

Consider the total weight, content, size and shape of the load. Is it easy to hold securely for the whole lift?

How far must it be moved?

Can you break the load down?

Get help if it is too bulky or heavy to lift safely.

icon - person moving through the environmentEnvironment

What’s the path of travel?

Is the surface even, stable, flat? Are there any hazards?

Can you see clearly?

If you have a concern about manual handling on your site, raise it with your supervisor or manager immediately.

Don’t wait until someone gets hurt.

Manual handling operations are transporting or supporting a load with your hands or body.

They including lifting, putting down, pushing, pulling, carrying or moving.

A disabling injury can impact on your ability to perform your job, and also daily routines. These injuries can occur in a second, but the social, financial and emotional effects can last a lifetime.

Safety bootsUse the correct gloves to reduce risk of hand injuries, and wear the correct boots.

Safety boots that give toe and mid sole protection and ankle support, marked ‘EN345’ with ‘S3’, are mandatory at VGC Group. (Some projects have additional requirements – you will have been told about these at induction.)

Each year, about half a million people are injured at work. That leads to around 30 million lost working days. More than a third of these are musculoskeletal injuries.

Source: Health and Safety Executive (link goes to a pdf on the HSE website)

Take care of your back at home as well as at work.

Think before you lift

You must take reasonable care of yourself, and others who may be affected by your actions.

Make sure you plan all manual handling. You need to be trained to carry out manual handling at work.

If you are worried about manual handling on your site, tell your labour manager or HSQE.


Download a printable pdf copy of our TILE safe manual handling poster (270kb pdf)

Download the manual handling toolbox talk (70kb pdf)