We ask everyone to share good practice and close calls.

We want to hear about best practice, where you’ve solved a problem, and opportunities for us to do better. If you see it, share it! Please tell us about what’s working well, as well as near misses and ways to improve, so we can keep making site operations safer for everyone.


  • Each site has cards and reporting systems.
  • Tell your site supervisor or labour manager.
  • Email (with a photo if you can) BeSafe@vgcgroup.co.uk

Only use your phone if it’s safe and permitted.

In an emergency call your supervisor, or the out of hours control centre on 07843 058 460 (only available out of hours).

Remember that the Be Safe rules apply at all times.

  • Be fit for work
  • Get a brief before you start work
  • Report anything unsafe
  • Stop work if anything changes

Read more about Be Safe by Choice and the Be Safe rules.

Prize draw

To encourage people to report, each month we have a draw from all the observations submitted during the month. The winners are announced in the Be Safe briefs – the pdf versions of the Be Safe briefings are available here.

Winners of the See it, share it prize draw include:

  • Viorica Voicu noticed a broken clip, sorted it out and reported it.
  • Opeyemi Osiyemi reported uninsulated tools on a rail worksite.
  • Vasile Mihai made sure his work area had a spill kit.
  • Guillaume Grimbeek reported broken hinges on a tube safety gate.
  • Robert Tabalaru identified unsafe driving on site. The driver was rebriefed on the site rules.
  • John McGarry spotted that CAT scanning had not been done before de-vegatation works.
  • Ian Hendry identified hidden rail under vegetation growth.
  • Tim Robinson noticed operatives placing ballast incorrectly.
  • Steve McNeill saw a trip hazard in the 4 foot, and took action by spraying it up so it was visible.
  • Mike Beattie reported a damaged RRAP (road rail access point) – the issue was escalated to be fixed.