HS2 enabling works Euston

our teams at Euston
Costain Skanska JV
Aug 2018
Jun 2021

We were proud to be involved in the HS2 enabling works around Euston station.

Our teams played a key part in the project to demolish the former carriage sheds at Euston station.

We supported the HS2 project to clear the site, ready for the new concourse and platforms. The demolition, managed by Costain Skanska JV with contractor Keltbray, revealed the site of the approach tunnels for HS2’s London terminal.

Euston enabling

Our teams also played a major part in clearing the old Euro-terminal freight area at Willesden Eurotunnel Channelgate Road. They moved on to clearing the area at Atlas Road.

We also have teams working on Canterbury shaft in Kilburn, providing logistical support for the site clearance.

The works are part of HS2’s enabling works contracts, which involve archaeology, demolitions and clearance, utilities and work to deliver new wildlife habitats.


As part of the project, we supported a number of people who were previously long-term unemployed. For example, working in partnership with charity Crisis we placed a general operative on the project in early 2019. He gained valuable experience and an opportunity to start a new long-term career.

Louise Dailly presented the collaboration award to labour manager James Burke
CSJV head of legacy Louise Dailly presented the collaboration award to labour manager James Burke at the HS2 enabling works supply chain forum on 14 May 2019.

Costain Skanska JV presented us with an award for our collaboration with partner Danny Sullivan Group on supporting ex-offenders into roles on the HS2 enabling works. See ‘go beyond the gates’ for more information about the programme.

Skills and employment adviser Kimberley McGinty has worked on schools outreach and supporting ex-offenders. When the Costain Skanska JV HS2 enabling works programme was shortlisted for Community Engagement Project of the Year in the Ground Engineering awards, they invited Kimberley to join them at the awards ceremony. “You have been identified by the SEE team as having made a significant contribution to the skills, education and employment delivery and outcomes.”

HS2 enabling works volunteers Hampstead Gardens
HS2 enabling works volunteers in the new Hampstead Gardens

We were proud to be part of the HS2 enabling works team who created a new Hampstead Road community garden in June 2019. We worked with BCL and Danny Sullivan on site clearance and planting – especial cheers to carpenter Filon Radu-Irinel and general operative Hailu Amanuel who created beautiful garden benches. The programme delivery manager said: “Everyone did their bit to make this happen and it is a wonderful example of integrated working and team spirit all the way through the supply chain, HS2, CSJV, office and site.”

As well as our contract with the Costain-Skanska joint venture between Euston and Hillingdon, our teams worked for client Siemens on preparation for signalling and cabling at Euston.

Long-term continuous employment

We are reassigning workers to HS2 as work is completed on other projects. This process reflects our commitment to up-skilling our workforce and offering continuous employment wherever possible.

Because HS2 is right on our doorstep, we can employ local people and recruit apprentices from local colleges and schools into construction careers.

For more information on HS2, see www.hs2.org.uk