From 2010 to 2018 VGC developed a culture of ‘outperformance’

‘Outperformance’ focused on providing excellent service and high quality outcomes. We used it as a call to surpass our own high standards and to outperform our competitors.

This culture served us well. VGC grew by 12% year on year, and we are a key partner for all the major tier one contractors. We deliver people and projects on the UK’s largest infrastructure projects and we have won numerous awards and accolades. A commitment to excellence flows throughout the entire business, from head office and support teams, right through to an army of key influencers and ambassadors on sites across the country.

Today’s challenges include political uncertainty, the economic sustainability of the industry, a skills shortage, addressing modern slavery and supporting mental health and wellbeing; and we are tackling them robustly. Building on our strong foundations of ‘outperformance’, we are now looking to ‘go beyond’ – to move VGC and our industry to the next level.

We aim to lead the conversation and set the standards for industry.

  1. We want to challenge our industry to achieve diversity and inclusion levels that are representative of the communities where we work. Our work will leave a positive legacy for everyone.
  2. We want to go beyond the rules, to do the very best we can, with a culture which inspires people to demand the highest standards of themselves.
  3. We will empower our people to collaborate with each other and challenge traditional methods of delivery to create efficiencies, innovations and added value.

Go Beyond

We are calling this ‘go beyond’.

VGC’s board of directors has committed:

  • to our people – we will continue to invest to provide good and sustainable employment and opportunities for them. Our people will feel truly part of our team and know that their skills and knowledge are valued.
  • to our customers – we will listen to their requirements and aspirations and will deliver the best people and projects to them. Our clients can expect that VGC will always go beyond their expectations.

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