TILE manual handling

Our February 2021 manual handling campaign reduced injuries and increased observations.

HSE statistics show that manual handling is one of the most common causes of workplace injuries. Injuries can occur at any time and place. They can affect personal as well as working lives, and may lead to long-term health problems.

We designated 22-26 February manual handling week.

Our goals were:

  • educate people about the dangers of manual handling
  • improve handling techniques at work and home
  • reduce injuries
  • increase safety observations

What we did:

We focused the campaign on the core message

Think TILE before you lift.

TILE summarises the four elements to consider before doing any manual handling. These are task, individual, load, and environment.

All campaign activities were carried out in-house, except a manual handling video filmed by London Irish captain Matt Rogerson (see below).


  • The manual handling issue of the staff enews gained 955 opens.
  • Our manual handling social media campaign gained 1,886 engagements during the campaign week.
  • The manual handling videos gained 2,209 views.
  • In March we had a sharp fall in overall injuries, and there were 0 manual handling injuries.
  • There was a big increase in observations, which help make sites safer overall.

Manual handling week in 2021 followed the success of our hand safety campaign in 2019.

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