The VGC Group will never take lightly any decision to dismiss someone by reason of redundancy.

Your post can be made redundant if the business that employs you closes down, or closes down at the location where you work, or if there is no longer a need to employ someone (or to employ so many people) in the business to do what you do.

The company will always look for alternatives to redundancy such as redeployment, retraining, short time working, recruitment restrictions, reduction in overtime and cost-cutting in other areas.

If redundancies cannot be avoided we will ask for volunteers for redundancy. We will aim to keep the number of compulsory redundancies to a minimum.

If the need for compulsory redundancies arises, the selection of employees will be in accordance with objective criteria, and there will be full consultation with employees throughout the redundancy selection process.

Employees will be notified at the earliest opportunity about the potential redundancy situation and of the company’s proposals.

Subject to a statutory qualifying period you may be entitled to statutory redundancy pay.

Ciara Pryce, group services director
June 2020

This policy confirms the commitments of all members of the VGC Group including VGC Projects, VGC Labour Solutions and VGC Personnel