The VGC Group proactively facilitates the training and development of all our employees to meet the needs of the individuals, the business, our clients, industry and our statutory obligations. Our employees are made aware of the training and development policy at the induction stage and thereafter through our performance management systems.

We are committed to providing safety and environmental training to our employees. We are also committed to meeting the demands of the particular industries to which we supply personnel, and will meet our contractual performance requirements by providing training and assessment interventions to employees aligned with our client requirements.

Our training and development values

  • Be driven by the values of the business directors in line with the company mission, vision, goals and values
  • Be proactive in the identification of employee training and development needs
  • Meet at all times, our statutory requirements to provide health, safety and environmental training
  • Provide internal training, utilising the services of the VGC training and assessment centre
  • Select and procure effective external training and assessment companies
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of training and development in line with employee and business performance, client and third party feedback
  • Promote continuous professional development

Training and development responsibility, processes and support

  • Encourage line managers to continually review and support their staff training and development needs
  • Have human resource systems in place for the effective selection recruitment, induction, ongoing review and recording of employee training and development
  • Adoption of an integrated IT training database to record and systematically flag up qualification expiry dates and communicate with line managers and staff on the arrangement of further training
  • Have procedures in place to identify, prioritise, communicate, plan, evaluate, verify and record all training, assessment and development events

Laurence Mckidd, managing director
June 2018

Download a printable pdf copy of our training and development policy.